In stunned disbelief and excellent sorrow, we report the passing of our close friend and colleague Tim Wilson, co-founder and editor-in-chief of cybersecurity news web-site Dim Reading through. Wilson died late Nov. 23. He was fifty nine.

Dim Reading through (a sister web-site of InformationWeek) was born at a time when several folks knew what “cybersecurity” was. In people early times, Wilson lined groundbreaking investigate these types of as the late Dan Kaminsky’s discovery of the DNS cache-poisoning flaw, and spun out witty protection-themed weblogs as “Tim the Enchanter.” A curious and creative editorial business leader, with an unwavering devotion to journalistic integrity, Wilson guided Dim Reading through to its 15th anniversary. 

Most importantly, Tim Wilson was form. He gave of his time, even when he failed to have any to spare. He knew just what inspiring sports heroes to reference when anyone essential a self-esteem enhance. He was definitely 1 of this editor’s favorite folks. 

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