How To Transfer Your Web Hosting From One Company To Another?


If you are unhappy with your present Web hosting by an NZ provider or getting a better deal, it’s time to make that decision and switch. Feel free to transfer your website from one host to another, as it is a simple, straightforward process. 

With the right approach, you can quickly transfer your web hosting, i.e., website data, to a new NZ Web host without downtime or loss. 

Web hosting is a large market, and if you check the statistics, the revenue from hosting services is expected to grow from $83.99 billion to $267 billion, as per 2021 statistics. 

So why get stuck with the same domain and hosting when you have dozens of options? This blog will assist you in understanding the process of transferring web hosting from one company to another.

Process For Web Transfer Your Web Hosting From One Company To Another

  1. Select your New Host

Before transferring your website hosting from an NZ host to a new host, you must select your host. Finding a host that supports free site migration is relatively easy. But also keep an understanding that a good host should be the one that enhances your website experience, so don’t just focus on migration. 

So evaluate your long-run factors such as reliability, performance, security and privacy, web creation tools offered, comprehensive service offered, user experience, and whether you are getting value for your money before making a final decision. 

Also, check web hosting reviews on popular web review websites.

  1. Get the Backup of Website Files and Export them

Once you choose your hosting, it’s time to transfer it manually. Therefore you need to perform a backup of your complete present website, including all your files, plugins, and themes. 

This is done to set up your website through your new host without losing your data. You must not change any file or data once the download is complete, as it may affect or break the website structure or cause errors and broken links. 

Most web hosts provide a control panel through which you can perform a complete backup of your present hosting account. You will also have to download your database backup, which can be done manually or through the hPanel method.

  1. Transfer the Files to your New Host

Now that you downloaded your file and database, it’s time to transfer it to your new host account. This step is manual migration, where all the files and database shall be manually uploaded to your new host account. 

For this, you would need access to your new hosting client account. Also, as your whole database file is in the zip format, you would have to decompress or unzip the file before moving forward.

  1. Set the Domain Name to your New Server

The final step is to set a domain name for your new server. For this, you need to update your Domain name system settings. If you want, you can also purchase a new domain name if you don’t like the old one, but it’s best to keep it the same. 

This step is significant as without a domain to your new server, your customer won’t be able to access your website as DNS communicates the domain into IP addresses. Therefore a website DNS provides instructions to your web browser and tells them where to load the website. 

Also, test and review to ensure everything is functioning correctly before publishing your website.


By following the above simple steps, you can quickly transfer your website data to a new host without much hassle. 

Also, you can outsource this task to your new host; the only thing you need to do is to choose a host that offers data migration services.

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