How to avoid GC pressure in C# and .NET

Rubbish assortment takes place when the method is minimal on offered bodily memory or the GC.Accumulate() process is identified as explicitly in your application code. Objects that are no for a longer time in use or are inaccessible from the root are candidates for garbage assortment.

Whilst the .Net garbage collector, or GC, is adept at reclaiming memory occupied by managed objects, there might be moments when it will come under pressure, i.e., when it have to dedicate more time to gathering this kind of objects. When the GC is under pressure to clean up objects, your application will devote far more time garbage gathering than executing guidance.

Naurally, this GC pressure is detrimental to the application’s general performance. The excellent information is, you can keep away from GC pressure in your .Net and .Net Main applications by following specified best procedures. This article talks about individuals best procedures, employing code examples exactly where applicable.

Be aware that we will be taking edge of BenchmarkDotNet to keep track of general performance of the methods. If you are not acquainted with BenchmarkDotNet, I recommend reading through this article initial.

To get the job done with the code examples delivered in this article, you should really have Visible Studio 2019 installed in your method. If you don’t already have a copy, you can down load Visible Studio 2019 here.

Make a console application venture in Visible Studio

Very first off, let’s develop a .Net Main console application venture in Visible Studio. Assuming Visible Studio 2019 is installed in your method, comply with the measures outlined under to develop a new .Net Main console application venture in Visible Studio.

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