How Boston Dynamics Is Building Its Robot Empire

The name of Boston Dynamics has been already well-established in the world of companies that develop and manufacture robots. In fact, Boston Dynamics is also one of the most innovative engineering ventures relentlessly improving their existing designs while also pursuing new and more radical innovative ideas.

Spot - one of the most famous creations from Boston Dynamics.

Spot – one of the most famous creations from Boston Dynamics. Image credit: CNBC (still image from YouTube video)

Boston Dynamics took some time to achieve practically useful results with their robotic creations. Probably because of that fact, this company was long-known more for their viral YouTube videos and some limited-scale industrial tests, less for their strong presence in the global market.

However, the situation is changing. Recent funding awards and financing initiatives from the U.S. military, DARPA, Google, SpaceX, SoftBank, Ford, Hyundai and some other “big names” clearly indicate that Boston Dynamics is steadily and strongly headed towards the commercial market.

The following video from CNBC presents a rare look at Boston Dynamics’ office in Massachusetts. Here, two of the most promising candidates for commercialization – Spot and Strech – are being readied for their big appearance: