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Sports Fan Engagement: What It Is, Examples, Ideas, & Tips |Greenfly

Over recent times, the fundamental pillars of fan engagement have evolved, primarily for entertainment businesses, simultaneously opening up unprecedented opportunities and challenges.

When stripped back to the bare basics, authentic engagement is all about triggering an emotional, passionate response from an individual that will spark their interest and hold their attention.

With this in mind, the good news is that thanks to digital transformation, there are more touchpoints for entertainment businesses seeking to connect with people on more profound and meaningful levels than were previously possible.

This expansion of touchpoints is partially due to the increasingly splintered nature of the entertainment endeavor across different media platforms. The lines separating the digital and physical worlds have become blurred. 

Organizations have to be agile and adaptable to engage more fluid, expectant, and diverse individuals in their behaviors and motivations than ever before. But, while there are increasing channels via which fans can be reached, they are more difficult to ‘pin down’ and retain. 

However, in changing times, entertainment businesses can adopt central strategies aiming to step up to the challenge and boost their fan engagement capabilities.

Greenfly is the world champion of digital media monetization. It empowers sports and entertainment organizations to fuel fan engagement and increase revenue simultaneously. The Greenfly cloud-based software platform and mobile app automate the collection, organization, and distribution of short-form videos and photos to share original, authentic images and short videos with everyone that wants to share them on social media. 

Greenfly has been powering sports, media, and entertainment brands since 2014 and has been named one of the fastest-growing organizations in California by Inc. magazine. Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, Greenfly is a global organization that serves some of the world’s most notable sports, TV, and consumer brands.

Greenfly sells SaaS software to sports organizations (leagues, teams, associations, tournaments), sports broadcasters, and TV networks. Their mission is to fuel brand love through the power of digital media.

Short-form digital content is what communities need to stand out on social media, and the Greenfly platform enables associations to collect digital content from just about anywhere — and transfer it too just about anyone. Greenfly is the central hub for building and sharing all of an institution’s digital media.

Their process involves building software and selling it to businesses as a subscription service. Every company has its private instance of Greenfly’s software to configure as desired. Every software subscription includes access to a customer success strategy lead, training, activation, and regular reporting on progress toward goals.

Greenfly is established and trusted by some of the biggest brands in the world. Its cutting-edge technology automated multiple manual processes and was designed to solve the growing challenge that almost all organizations face today – standing out on social media.

Greenfly is working with the world’s most significant leagues, helping them reach fans in many different ways by leveraging digital channels. These customers include Major League Baseball, the NBA, NHL, the English Premier League, the German Bundesliga, UEFA, World Surf League, Premier Lacrosse League, World Rugby, and dozens more. It’s unique for a startup company to be able to support the needs of the top 9 of the 10 most significant leagues in the world.

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