Four best SEO practices that help boost travel brands

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Among the biggest benefactors of search engine optimisation (SEO) systems is the global travel industry and according to statistics, organic traffic is the most profitable method that has raked in the money for the industry.

This is one amazing feat that could make any SEO company Sydney smile from ear to ear.

Here are some more mind-blowing facts;

Google enjoys 88.56% of all search engine queries and 39% of overall traffic to travel websites come from organic search results using Google. This organic traffic is responsible for around 50% of the revenues of all trave brands, making it the number one source of traffic for all travel brands.

Travel brands enjoy the massive amounts of queries online for vacation and travel planning, making it one of the top categories online.

Any Sydney SEO expert would agree that a slight bump in the search rankings could cost millions of dollars for these brands and since the competition is fierce, travel companies would invest a lot in making their websites rank to the top.

 With Google handling an estimated 2 trillion overall searches in a day, it would be a challenge for these travel companies to stay to the top and would need to invest in highly-effective and reliable SEO strategists to win over the competition.

What’s working?

Unofficially, the top three Google ranking factors are content, links, and RankBrain- Google’s AI core search algorithm.

Focusing on the controllable ones to develop your SEO strategy is a great way to go, so is the same tactic used by any SEO company Sydney for the travel industry.


To support the claim that content is one of the major ranking factors in travel SEO is another recent survey which revealed that 72% of marketers strongly agree that relevant content is the most effective SEO strategy.

So, here are four popular and highly-effective SEO practices that have boosted travel brands.

Compelling story

Develop content that would catch the attention of the user. Having good quality and well-written content that could touch the hearts and emotions of the viewers could give your materials a boost.

Using good quality video and high-resolution images such as travel sites, tourist attractions, or landscapes can help provide visitors with an imaginary or virtual tour and appeal to their senses.

Caters to their needs and interests 

Knowing what interests and needs that are common among travellers are particularly helpful. It could be an affordable tour package, ferry or shuttle services, spa facilities, or any amenity or facility that would make it easy and convenient for travellers.

Distinction from competitors

Of course, it’s what you can offer that others can’t. It can also be customer experience and satisfaction, or a value-added feature that other travel companies do not offer.

Gives users a reason to book a deal

Now that users have been funnelled down to those about to purchase or book a flight or hotel, it is important that they are given good options to make a quick decision.

Most companies do this by offering special discounts or offers that could make the product more enticing to the customer.