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Everyone is always conflicted with which iPhone they should choose off the shelf when all it comes down to is your preferences, which features of the iPhone is essential for you by asking yourself if you need a wider screen, better quality camera, or more extensive storage. Whatever it may be that you are looking for in an iPhone, the newer generations are probably best because they offer a wider variety of user-friendly features and will last much longer. Therefore, you should research websites that provide iPhone reviews and company profiles as Lumina Blog does. In addition, you will have access to the best online shops like MacFinder, where you will be able to buy and sell iPhones and MacBooks.

Trade-In Your Old iPhone

The first step in the process of finding yourself the best iPhone is to get rid of your old one by trading it in for a discount. This is beneficial because iPhones generally hold their value high depending on their condition. However, you should always check other places to sell your iPhone for a higher profit. Moreover, always remember to back up your old iPhone and reset it to factory settings before upgrading to a newer one.

Which iPhones to Avoid

Generally, any iPhone manufactured before the iPhone XS you should avoid. This is because they do not contain the same processing power to process the later IOS software as the new generations can. In addition, iPhones before the iPhone XS have a shorter shelf life, and without proper software support, they will eventually be too slow and not secure enough to function correctly. However, your next best consideration will be the iPhone 11, and iPhone SE versions are perfect alternatives.

Level Up

You can also go the extra mile and opt for the later versions of the mini, average-range, and Pro models, including the eleventh, twelfth, the thirteenth, and SE iPhone generations. In addition, all of these versions share the same features of operating on IOS 15 or later, better camera quality, a wide range of colours, and night mode availability.

Mini iPhones

The mini iPhone version came out with the iPhone 12 release and offers the modern iPhone design, face ID, slim borders, and the same features as the iPhone 13 mini and above but lacks the same battery life. In addition, it also has a wider 5.4 inch OLED screen than the SE.


Suppose you are happy going without the latest and pro iPhones. In that case, the iPhone 11 and 12 are perfect choices because they offer you double storage, better battery life, and more admirable cameras. In addition, the A13 Bionic processor has strong withstanding power, the primary back camera support night mode and an updated Face ID advanced technology.

Go Pro

If you are looking for the ultimate iPhone that offers all the new and exclusive features, you may consider the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. The design consists of stainless steel and glass with a more durable feel, a 6.1-inch super-retina OLED technology screen, an extra graphics core, a 120-Hz refresh rate, a triple camera system, a 3X optical zoom camera, and 256 gigabytes (GB) of storage.

When is the Best Time to Buy?

If you are leaning towards the newer iPhone design and features, right now would be a great time to purchase your new iPhone. However, if you prefer budgeting, you might want to wait for the iPhone SE 2022 release later this year. However, suppose you are still looking at an older version than the iPhone XS, as mentioned before. In that case, you should highly consider having a new battery installed in your iPhone but if possible, try your best to wait and opt for the iPhone XS.