Enabot Ebo Pro Review: A Wobbly Robotic Toy for Your Cat

When I am going to be absent for longer than a usual perform working day, I ordinarily set up a few of safety cameras so I can test in on my cats. But even the very best safety cameras can’t lookup for a pet hiding beneath the bed. The Ebo Professional can test out these hidden nooks and crannies, providing additional peace of mind to nervous pet moms and dads like me. It has a 1080p (Hd) lens—the same as most conventional house safety cams. 

It is really fast adequate, but the feed is shaky, most likely simply because its tank-design and style caterpillar monitor wheels really don’t provide adequate stability. They hardly jut out from the bottom, so its tiny spherical system wobbles back again and forth. It features rather perfectly on my carpets, but the wobbles make it hard to steer—not a offer breaker, but you can find definitely area for improvement. The Ebo may possibly also topple over if a huge adequate obstacle, or a menacing cat paw, knocks it off harmony, but that only happened to me as soon as. 

Like some robotic vacuums, the Ebo Professional has issues properly returning to its dock to recharge. It tends to back again up, move forward, and back again up once again for numerous minutes. For months, mine in no way in fact managed to roll over its dock’s edge and cost. I imagined my carpet was hindering it from finding adequate momentum, but one particular working day it magically figured out how to do it. On the other hand, if I use it for near to an hour and the battery begins to die—it dies somewhat quickly—the Ebo ordinarily forgets how to latch once again. This robotic will need a hand returning to its dock at times, which just isn’t the worst matter if you occur to be house. It is really additional discouraging if you happen to be not.

On and On

The Ebo also has no “off” switch. Like a lot of wireless earbuds, it has no ability button. It is really just on … all the time. Appropriately docking will set it in standby, but it is nonetheless on. To thoroughly convert it off without having the dock, you have to use a pin to press a hidden reset button on the bottom and set it up once again upcoming time you want to use it. Or you can allow it operate out of battery.

You may possibly not mind that Ebo is always on, but it is inconvenient. If you or your cat accidentally knock it off the sensors—or you get rid of ability through a center-of-the-evening storm as I did—Ebo will just convert on, allow out a loud “Ebo,” and begin roaming about until it dies or redocks itself. It is really quite terrifying when you happen to be seeking to slumber.  

The truth that it is always on and it has a camera can be an alarming mix. All details is stored internally, so you can find nothing in the cloud, and livestreaming from the camera to your cellphone is done by way of peer-to-peer engineering, so it isn’t going to go by way of a server to share live details. I likely would not gown in entrance of it, but I also would not do that in entrance of my laptop or computer out of an abundance of warning (or paranoia).