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BleepingComputer Overview:

CCleaner is a system that will scan your computer for non permanent documents or private browser details and deletes it from your computer.  This enables you to hold your computer working competently, though guarding your delicate details.

CCleaner performs has the following options:

  • Online Explorer – Deletes Temporary Online documents , history, cookies, autocomplete from history, and index.dat.
  • Firefox – Deletes Temporary documents, history, cookies, down load history, and form history.
  • Google Chrome – Deletes Temporary documents, history, cookies, down load history, and form history.
  • Opera – Deletes Temporary documents, history, and cookies.
  • Safari – Deletes Temporary documents, history, cookies, and form history.
  • Windows – Deletes Recycle Bin, Latest Documents, Temporary documents and Log documents.
  • Registry Cleaner – Take away unused and old registry entries.

If you decide to use the Registry Cleaner part of this system, be sure to be sure to use a system like ERUNT to backup your Registry 1st.  This way if a complications takes place you can constantly restore the backup.

Variation 5.72 Changelog:

This launch brings a lot of enhancements to accessibility in CCleaner and also a cleaning deal with in Firefox.


  • Set Saved Passwords not being cleaned in Firefox v80


  • Significantly improved support for NVDA and JAWS display screen visitors so that individuals with visual impairment who use assistive technological innovation can navigate rapidly and intuitively as a result of the application
  • Up to date color contrast through the consumer interface to make textual content, icons, and buttons extra readable for individuals with color vision deficiency
  • Set certain concept containers not getting focus when they surface

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