Digital Classrooms: Benefits of Teaching Through Technology


Technology has brought an evolution in every walk of life. The innovation in educational sector is one of the greatest and one which has impacted the way of learning and writing. Education stands completely reformed with the advent of laptops and internet and more recently tablets and smartphones. The success of technology has made the educationalists take technology directly to the classrooms. Digitalized education is light-years ahead as compared to the traditional teaching methods and more comprehensive and fun.

Digital classroom teaching is overtaking the conventional methods of teaching at all levels of education. Students are learning more willingly through laptops and projectors than blackboards and notebooks. Students are more ready to compete in the real world than before, owing to the practical approach of this teaching. This method of teaching is not restricted to set hours, there are no geographical boundaries and is far more a personalized exercise as compared to the class-room teaching.

Interactive technologies in a digital classroom when used efficiently, enriches the learning experience for the students and is far more fruitful for the instructor. Interactive classroom solutions help transform a conventional classroom into a high-tech digital classroom which includes interactive white boards, multi-media projectors and laptop and charging stations. The e-learning environment provided by digital classroom solutions aids teachers to help impart lessons in a more comprehensive manner through slideshows, documentaries and sound. Such a way of teaching leads increased participation of students, they are able to retain better and have found to lead to better understanding and clarity of concepts as compared to the earlier way of teaching.

To complement interactive classrooms, educational technology solutions are equally important. It is one of the limb of digital classrooms and thus very essential for interactive classrooms to be successful. These solutions co-operate with the interactive hardware in a digital classroom, thereby changing the fundamentals of learning. Educational technology solutions provide students with the essential tools they need to make use of interactive technologies. It includes data management, which facilitates personalized learning and tracks student record in a digitalized format. Assistive technology which further includes many programs for better grasping and retention of lessons and more recently, educational technology also includes mobile learning. This most recent addition allows students to access their syllabus literally anywhere and anytime. With a tap of a finger, and a mobile application, students can learn and revise their lessons and we have educational technology to thank!

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