Comp TIA Certification – One Way to Get it Abilities Recognized


In the current day and age where IT job competition is greater than ever there is a bit of a universal recognition that can be used as added professional weight to give you a decided edge over the other IT “Joe Schmo’s” looking to get hired in place of or before you. The IT world is one with keen notice toward those who have credentials. And if you lack credentials you lack the capability to put yourself ahead of the IT curve.

Credentials Are At the Heart of the IT Industry

This means you need training, certification and overall experience. Once this is had, you can move, excel and grow within the IT industry. For, as mentioned above, without credentials, you’re just another face in the swarm of prospective IT workers, one that will easily get overlooked, if not completely ignored. This in mind, and specifically narrowing down toward one type of certification best known as the Comp TIA Certification, you can not only place yourself in front of the line of other hopeful prospective IT employees, but you can wave that certification in the air as evidence to what you’ve accomplished and what you’re capable of offering as a professional.

Comp TIA Has Accrued Much Acclaim

The Computing Technology Industry Association ( or for short, Comp TIA) is an organization with an established voice of 24 years in the IT industry. And many, if not all, in the IT sphere listen and listen well to their messages. With a global presence reeling in more than 20,000 members from over 100 international locations it is a worldwide IT powerhouse with leading prominence in developing IT policy, expanding and bettering IT education as well as advancing profession opportunities for professionals both yet to be and longstanding.

All the above said, it’s no wonder that possessing a Comp TIA certification would be to any IT individual’s benefit. The organization’s acclaim is there and deeply-rooted. It’s just a matter of picking, of putting your shovel down and pounding it into the ground with your IT foot; then, you will be on board with Comp TIA membership.

Membership in Comp TIA – Career Perks

Consider again the position of the Comp TIA organization. Now, place yourself in the mix and add the situation all together – what you have is raw potential. Just with the networking tools that this organization offers it’s members, you are instantly given an upper hand in a very matched and -at times- cutthroat industry. Access is granted in many areas, directly to you: advanced IT information, hot topics of the moment, policy changes, industry news and so on are all at your fingertips.

Also, consider your ability to affect the sphere in which you work; both on national and international scales you will be able to affect changes in IT policy overall. And since the voice you’d be working under has such a presence attention will be drawn from those who are most upstanding such as global governments, the media and commercialists, both of national and international designations.

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