Wi-Fi vendors pitch people tracking for COVID-19 safety

Major Wi-Fi suppliers have personalized their goods to accommodate companies that want to use their wireless networks to reduce the likelihood of a COVID-19 outbreak in their structures.

Aruba and Juniper Networks have positioned their wireless programs as a indicates for gathering details that companies could use for get hold of tracing right after an staff is contaminated with the virus. On the other hand, Cisco is concentrating on companies that want to implement actual physical distancing needs in structures to minimize the likelihood of the an infection spreading.

Juniper said companies could use its Mist Wi-Fi access details to observe employees outfitted with badges that emit a continual Bluetooth signal. Mist’s cloud-based analytics engine would let companies discover persons with whom an contaminated individual experienced been in close get hold of. It would also show the destinations the worker frequented in a creating, and how prolonged he was there.… Read More