3D Nano-inks Push Industry Boundaries

3D-printed pet-bone-shaped nano-composite specimens for tensile testing. Impression Credit history:
Masoud Kasraie

3D Nano-inks Push Field Boundaries

Kelley Christensen

September twenty second, 2021 3:58 PM
September twenty second, 2021 3:58 PM

A new, 3D-printable polymer nanocomposite ink has remarkable homes — and lots of
purposes in aerospace, medication and electronics.

Mechanical engineering researchers at Michigan Technological College have produced
a way to make a 3D-printable nanocomposite polymeric ink that makes use of carbon nanotubes
(CNTs) — regarded for their significant tensile power and lightness. This revolutionary ink
could replace epoxies — and understanding why its homes are so fantastic is a
initially move toward its mass use.

3D printing, also regarded as additive manufacturing, is additional versatile and effective
than casting. It adds a product with precision, often in complex geometries, with
substantially significantly less surplus to cut away. Adding low-dimensional nanomaterials this sort of as
CNTs, graphene, metallic nanoparticles

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