Brita vs ZeroWater: Two water filter pitcher systems compared

Drinking water is critical for our wellbeing. It nourishes essential body organs like your kidneys, safeguards your pores and skin, and can even aid body weight decline. With all its added benefits, it is vital that you locate the right water filtration technique.

The two Brita and ZeroWater are effectively-regarded names when it will come to water, but with so many versions to select from, it can be tough to discern which water pitcher filter technique is finest for your residence.

When evaluating Brita vs. ZeroWater water filter pitcher systems, this is every thing you will need to know.

At a glance

Finest when you want options



Brita has been all over for a lengthy time, acquiring been recognized in 1966. Irrespective of its lengthy history, Brita carries on to evolve. Today, it features high quality water filter pitcher systems that consist of 13 water filter pitchers.

Brita filters goal destructive minerals and substances normally discovered in faucet water. They are exclusively created to clear away 99% of the guide in your water, when also removing other harmful contaminants like cyanide, cadmium, copper, and mercury. Drinking water filter systems also guard in opposition to the uncomfortable style and odor that will come from excess chlorine. 

With its Longlast+ filter, Brita features some of the for a longer time filter daily life in the overall field. When its Regular filters are in line with its competition at a two-thirty day period lifespan, the Longlast+ filters can give you up to six months of use right before a replacement is essential. This will save you many dollars in filter replacements.  

Brita filter comparison


Brita filters have an unconditional one hundred% income-back ensure for the initially thirty times from purchase, in addition to a just one-12 months guarantee. 

Consumer Assist

Brita shopper assist is available by contacting 1-800-24-BRITA.

Other merchandise available

Finest when you want high quality filtration



ZeroWater does not give tons of distinct merchandise. Instead, it features just two options: water filter pitchers and water filter dispensers. It is regarded for its signature 5-phase filtration technique, a method proven to deliver just about total elimination of the destructive contaminants in your water. However, the more filtration slows the technique down, offering a lower movement rate of six.five ounces for every minute.

On its web page, ZeroWater features a practical research device that makes it possible for you to examine your local water supply with a TDS looking at. Your purchase also contains a cost-free water good quality meter, a reward that will come with all ZeroWater water filter pitchers and dispensers. However, ZeroWater sells its water filter pitchers differently than the ordinary water filter. Its water filter pitchers are marketed as an overall technique that contains your pitcher and a few filters. Your purchase mechanically enrolls you in the ZeroWater replacement system. This subscription-centered support makes it possible for you to obtain replacement filter deliveries on a recurring basis of every single just one, two, or four months. Every single replacement get fees $29.99, in addition delivery.

ZeroWater filter comparison


ZeroWater features a limited ninety-working day manufacturing ensure for its water filter pitcher systems. If a defect is discovered in ninety times of purchase, ZeroWater will substitute the parts at no expense. To file a ZeroWater claim, you can connect with 1-800-503-2939 or use the web page get in touch with variety. 

Other merchandise available

Comparison: Brita vs. ZeroWater



Amount of water filter pitchers



Usual quantity of filters offered



Price vary

$20 – $40

$20 – $fifty

Capability vary

six – twelve cups

six – twelve cups

Highest filter capacity

40 – one hundred twenty gallons

20 gallons

Approximate filter daily life

Regular: 2 months

Stream: 2 months

Longlast+: six months

2 months


1-12 months guarantee

thirty-working day income-back ensure

ninety-working day producer defect ensure

Filtration systems

The two Brita and ZeroWater water pitcher filter systems use filtration systems that have been examined and proven to clear away a complete host of destructive contaminants in your all-natural water supply. However, Brita filters tend to concentration much more on chlorine and guide elimination, when ZeroWater takes a much more extensive approach. ZeroWater targets a larger volume of contaminants, with testing revealing a much larger elimination rate than Brita. 

Contaminant elimination

Nearly much more vital than the elimination by itself is the variety of products that are eradicated from your water. ZeroWater features a clear-cut listing of key contaminants eradicated along with more material percentages, when Brita is much more vague about the more particulars of its testing.

In evaluating ZeroWater’s five-phase filtration as opposed to Brita’s two-phase filtration, ZeroWater outperforms in virtually every single classification. 















Filter daily life

Just one of the finest options about Brita water filter pitcher systems is the choice of the Longlast+ filter. With a pleated filter design and style, your pitcher lasts up to six months, in contrast to just a several months with ZeroWater. However the duration of your ZeroWater filter will depend on your local water supply. Extra contaminants will use up your filters a lot quicker. 


Value is just one place where Brita and ZeroWater are not much too distinct. With likewise-sized pitchers, the two providers cost identical pricing from $20 to $40, although ZeroWater can expense up to
$fifty for its ten Cup Ready-Pour design


Guarantee and Ensures

A obtrusive change between Brita as opposed to ZeroWater water filter pitcher systems is the guarantee offered by each individual corporation. When ZeroWater skips the guarantee altogether, Brita shines with its manufacturer’s guarantee that lasts for an overall 12 months. Brita also features an unconditional thirty-working day moneyback ensure, when ZeroWater restricts its ensure to just producer defects that arise in ninety times of purchase.  

Consumer assist



Several hours


1-800-24-BRITA toll-cost-free

Ship an electronic mail

E-mails checked each day, Monday by way of Friday

Monday by way of Friday, nine:00 a.m. to five:thirty p.m. EST


1-800-503-2939 toll-cost-free

Ship an electronic mail to [email protected]   

Monday by way of Friday, eight:00 a.m. – eight:00 p.m. CT

Consumers can get in touch with Brita and ZeroWater in identical means. The two providers give mobile phone and electronic mail assist, and when Brita suggests it checks emails every single working day, ZeroWater is open for a longer time each individual working day, supplying their workforce for a longer time to aid with shopper inquiries and assist. 

Execs and cons



  • Far much more pitcher options
  • Extended Longlast+ filter daily life
  • Guarantee and ensure


  • Limited filtration
  • Solitary filter offered
  • Really hard to differentiate by name



  • five-phase filtration 
  • 3 filters offered
  • Free water good quality meter


  • Small filter daily life
  • Membership-centered filters 
  • No guarantee

Which is the right just one for you? 

Brita and ZeroWater each have their added benefits and negatives, but they also serve distinct requires.

Brita is a prime select when you want the versatility of numerous options. It features a considerably large variety of water filter pitchers, with thirteen options in contrast to ZeroWater’s 7. However, ZeroWater features performance with much more filters offered upfront with your purchase. It will save you income in the lengthy operate and will save you a vacation to the shop for a replacement with its practical subscription-centered system. It is a good detail, much too, due to the fact ZeroWater filters final just a pair of months when Brita’s Longlast+ filter will give you all over six months of use.

If you are on the lookout for a ton of options, Brita is a fantastic water pitcher filter technique for your requires. However, if high quality filtration is your principal target, ZeroWater provides extraordinary outcomes for your water filter pitcher technique. 

Are there alternate options value taking into consideration?

Several other providers manufacture water filter pitcher systems. Other highly-rated versions on modern market consist of these finest water filters for 2021. 

Brita vs. ZeroWater FAQ

Which corporation is much better when evaluating Brita vs. ZeroWater?

The two Brita and ZeroWater give numerous highly-rated options for water filter pitcher systems.  Brita is somewhat much less expensive with much more options and much better product or service defense, but ZeroWater features a high quality filtration technique that exceeds Brita’s abilities. 

What does a water filter pitcher do?

Drinking water filter pitcher systems include an inside filtration technique working with a replaceable water filter. It purifies your water by removing destructive contaminants like guide and chlorine from each day consuming water, generating much better-tasting water and healthier water.

How much does a water filter pitcher expense?

The expense of a water filter pitcher technique may differ, based on the design and options that you select. Brita and ZeroWater merchandise each get started all over $20, but Brita maxes out at $40, when ZeroWater has a greatest expense of $fifty. 

To locate the finest options for you, contemplate what is finest to assist your local water supply.