Bayraktar, again: Two Russian patrol ships destroyed by Ukranian drone (Video)

The military of Ukraine have clearly opened a door to a new era of robotic warfare. This time they have used the Turkish-developed drone Bayraktar to sink two Russian patrol ships.

It is not the first time Bayraktar proves its incredible value on the battlefield, becoming a high-tech symbol of the Ukrainian resistance. Among a number of eliminated heavy armored ground vehicles, two weeks ago this combat drone also helped to destroy one of the key battleships of the invading forces. Today Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has reported that the same UAV system has destroyed two Russian Raptor patrol boats near Snake Island.


The released footage has already been featured on multiple news outlets. This time it seems the projectiles have been fired directly from Bayraktar. This information however needs to be verified.

Below you can watch a related news report from CNN: