All you need to know about Building a Window Frame


If you are looking for how to frame a window, this article will help you to complete this project properly and easily. Equipment / Tools that you have to arrange include Miter saw, Table saw, Straight router bit, Router and router table, Caulking gun,Stiff putty knife, Hammer or brad nailer with nails, Long clamps,Painting supplies,Drill,Drill bits,Tape measure,Gloves,Eye protection,Window Frame,2×6 x 10′ pine board, Window and door caulk, Window glazing putty,Raw wood primer,Exterior paint,Glass or plexiglass sheet,2″ finish nails, Painter’s tape,120- and 220-grit sanding blocks, Wood glue,Faux Muntins,3/4″ x 1/4″ flat molding and Double-sided mounting tape.

In order to build a window frame, you have to measure the rough opening (width and height) and start cutting the two vertical and horizontal frame boards ¾ inch. Take a saw and cut frame boards to width by matching the depth of the rough opening. This will be a distance between the outermost interior and exterior walls. Cut a rabbet for glass as ½ inch deep by ¾ inch wide rabbet. Set the router table up with a straight cut bit set to ½ inch depth and make multiple passes until reaching to a width of ¾ inch. This particular step is for router table, and if you don’t have a router, then you can skip this step, and you have to nail down strips of wood around the interior of the frame for the glass to butt up against. 

Cut miters to 45-degree angle by making sure to not to remove the overall length.  Lightly sand each board and tape the boards together at each joint and once you get satisfied with the fitment of the joints, glue each side and fold the boards back together. Tape the joint, clamp the frame together, and wipe away any excess glue. Now nail the joints with a 16-gauge nail gun with the hammer. After few minutes, remove the clamp and sand and use a stiff putty knife to install an even layer of window glazing against the ½ wall of the rabbet. The glazing layer should be 1/8 inch thick so place the pane into the rabbet and carefully press it. Install the remaining glazing and paint the window frame. If you are still confused about the process, contact Garage Door Repair Services in Woodbridge, NJ for further information.

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