Age and Gender Prediction From Face Images Using Attentional Convolutional Network

Automated prediction of age and gender from a image is a endeavor useful in distinct domains: biometrics, id verification, movie surveillance, crowd habits evaluation, on line ad, and some others. Most generally, this endeavor is executed making use of deep neural networks.

Elderly man. Image credit: Pixnio, CC0 Public Domain

Aged man. Graphic credit: Pixnio, CC0 Community Area

A current paper on proposes a novel age and gender recognition method which combines the attentional network with the residual network. The previous allows to show up at the most salient and informative pieces of the encounter, e. g. the outline, eyes, and wrinkles. As the benefits show, the joint product outperforms both of those person models.

Also, understanding that data about the person’s gender can guide to better age prediction, the authors of the analyze use predicted gender as an input for the age prediction. The precision of gender detection was .965 and the precision of age vary detection .913.

Automated prediction of age and gender from encounter images has drawn a ton of focus a short while ago, owing it is large programs in many facial evaluation troubles. Even so, owing to the big intra-course variation of encounter images (these types of as variation in lights, pose, scale, occlusion), the present models are even now guiding the sought after precision amount, which is necessary for the use of these models in genuine-earth programs. In this function, we propose a deep discovering framework, based mostly on the ensemble of attentional and residual convolutional networks, to forecast gender and age group of facial images with superior precision fee. Using focus mechanism permits our product to concentrate on the significant and informative pieces of the encounter, which can assist it to make a more accurate prediction. We prepare our product in a multi-endeavor discovering manner, and augment the function embedding of the age classifier, with the predicted gender, and show that executing so can more maximize the precision of age prediction. Our product is skilled on a well-liked encounter age and gender dataset, and attained promising benefits. Via visualization of the focus maps of the prepare product, we show that our product has discovered to turn into delicate to the appropriate locations of the encounter.

Hyperlink: muscles/2010.03791