4 Tips to keep your website visitors engaged

We live in a fast-paced world. The trends keep changing almost every day. There is a new phone released every other month and the fashion trends update as quickly as the seasons do. Don’t even start talking about the trending videos we see on the internet!


What I’m trying to convey is how human requirements affect the business. And the problems it needs to overcome to stay in the game! Most people have an attention span of fewer than 7 seconds when visiting a website. And if it loads slowly, then they bounce out of there within the first 3 seconds. So, you do understand the importance of having a good website/application.


Here are some tips that you can use to keep the visitors engaged,


Let them skim through.


As a consumer yourself, what do you do when you visit a new website? The answer is pretty obvious. You’d skim through the website and see what catches your eye quickly. The same goes with your website when some random person visits. How do you create that appeal factor to keep the interest going?


There’s a fine line between your reader’s preferences along the search engine preferences. The search engine wants you to write in detail to index the right content. At the same time, visitors don’t have the patience to read long paragraphs. Highlight the headlines whenever necessary and keep the paras short. Use images and gifs for some attraction.


Pop-ups and emails


Nobody likes to see a constant pop-up video in their first minute of visiting the website. Wait at least 10 seconds for the user to see your website and then shower them with the great offers you have. The ideal time is to throw a pop-up when you realise that the visitor might leave the page. 


A reminder email always comes to the rescue if the visitor happens to leave the page or abandon their cart. Cater them with the latest offers and special discounts for visiting the website. Finding email contacts of these clients is pretty simple. Email finder websites like GetEmail.io help you to get emails in just a matter of seconds.


CTA matters


A strategic Call-To-Action needs to be arranged on every page of your website. This step will ensure to convert every potential lead to become a happy customer. Most people who browse through the website want to know more about it. A well-planned placement of a link to another blog or testimonials will keep the ball rolling.


It is also crucial how and where you place your CTA. Many readers won’t even come to the end part while reading the page. So, mentioning your CTA there won’t make sense. Use diagonal pop-ups or slide-ins while the page scrolls down. People will definitely show interest to subscribe to your newsletter.



Adding social media buttons on the page always helps because the visitor might want to share your content. Thus, helping you reach a larger audience.