4 Things you Should Know about CNC Turning Services 


What You Should Know About CNC Turning Services

CNC Turning is one of the most crucial processes on any industrial floor. It’s an easy and cost-effective way of manufacturing production parts and prototypes.

As the popularity of CNC turning services increase, there’s still a lot of things that most manufacturers don’t understand. Most people can’t even differentiate CNC turning from CNC milling.

So below, we look to help you get a better understanding of this service.

What is CNC Turning?

CNC turning is simply the process of removing extra materials from a workpiece to shape it into the intended shape. It’s a type of machining process where the material is spun at very high speeds while the cutting tool chops off all the unnecessary material.

This process is called subtractive machining, and the end products are usually round, square or hexagonal in shape.

With these in mind, here are some of the critical things you should know:

#1: CNC Turning is different from CNC Milling

Most people tend to confuse these two services because they bear several similarities in how they operate. However, milling and turning differ in their motion, the machines used and how they cut the pieces.

In CNC Milling, the workpiece moves in a straight line as the milling cutter rotates. CNC Turning, on the other hand, rotates the workpiece at high speeds as the cutting tools move parallel.

Milling and turning machines also operate differently. Turning machines can be used for drilling, boring, knurling and reaming while milling machines can process flat, spiral and curved surfaces.

You’ll also find turning services used for machining the outer and inner cylindrical surfaces while milling services will be used for irregular and flat surfaces.

#2: CNC Turning Services demand experience and knowledge

Despite being a popular machining process, CNC turning isn’t a task for every worker. Even the simplest mistakes in turning may ruin the entire material. You, therefore, have to look for experts.

Hiring an external CNC turning service company is usually one of the best ways to go about it. Look for a company that has been in the market for long. A company that has a proven track record of successful service and one that has had enough exposure in the industry.

This way, you increase the chances of getting quality work done without any hitches.

#3: CNC Turning by itself isn’t enough 

CNC turning blends well with numerous other machining services in manufacturing. For instance, CNC milling and turning are often combined to come up with high-quality production parts.

This means that if you’re looking to get turning services, you should also be thinking of the supplementary services. Most CNC turning companies offer multiple services at once, which makes it easier to manufacture your parts.

If you’re outsourcing the task, use one company to complete all your machining services. This way, it’s easier to ask for a discount.

However, if you’re not sure about which other services you need, consult with a CNC Machining company. Experts will help you get the best quality services at the best price.

#4: CNC Turning works with most materials

Contrary to popular belief that CNC turning only works with metal, you can turn almost any material. It all depends on the part you want to manufacture.

Besides metal, CNC turning machines work perfectly with wood and plastic. Wood has been in use in CNC turning for several years, and it has become a really popular choice among manufacturers. Plastic is also very good because it offers a wide range of color choices and more application options.

Other materials such as bronze or brass, are also easily used in turning, but they’re much tougher to turn than other materials.

Final thought

Whenever you’re looking for CNC turning services or any other CNC machining services, getting all the facts right will help you avoid any unnecessary losses in production. There’s so much more you should know about CNC turning services, therefore, take some time to learn and understand it!

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