What’s so great about Google’s ‘translation glasses’?

Google teased translation glasses at last week’s Google I/O developer convention, holding out the guarantee that you can a single working day converse with anyone speaking in a overseas language, and see the English translation in your glasses.

Firm execs demonstrated the eyeglasses in a video it showed not only “closed captioning” — real-time text spelling out in the similar language what yet another person is stating — but also translation to and from English and Mandarin or Spanish, enabling folks talking two various languages to have on a dialogue whilst also permitting hearing-impaired buyers see what other people are stating to them.

As Google Translate components, the glasses would resolve a important ache place with employing Google Translate, which is: If you use audio translation, the translation audio actions on the actual-time dialogue. By presenting translation visually, you could abide by conversations significantly additional easily and by natural means.

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