How to Prevent Blackouts by Packetizing the Power Grid

Negative items materialize when desire outstrips provide. We acquired that lesson much too effectively at the start out of the pandemic, when demand from customers for toilet paper, disinfecting wipes, masks, and ventilators outstripped the offered supply. These days, chip shortages continue to disrupt the buyer electronics, car, and other sectors. Obviously, balancing the supply and need of items is critical for a secure, standard, functional modern society.

That want for stability is true of electrical electricity grids, much too. We received a heartrending reminder of this truth in February 2021, when Texas seasoned an
unparalleled and fatal winter freeze. Spiking desire for electrical heat collided with provide complications produced by frozen pure-gasoline gear and beneath-average wind-power production. The resulting imbalance remaining a lot more than 2 million households without the need of electricity for times, induced at minimum 210 fatalities, and led to economic losses of up to US

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