China Says It’s Closing in on Thorium Nuclear Reactor

Wanting to this sort of specialized nervous programs as a design for artificial intelligence may well confirm just as beneficial, if not additional so, than finding out the human brain. Consider the brains of these ants in your pantry. Every single has some 250,000 neurons. Larger sized insects have closer to 1 million. In my investigation at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, I research the brains of one particular of these larger insects, the dragonfly. I and my colleagues at Sandia, a countrywide-protection laboratory, hope to choose benefit of these insects’ specializations to style and design computing programs optimized for duties like intercepting an incoming missile or pursuing an odor plume. By harnessing the pace, simplicity, and efficiency of the dragonfly nervous program, we aim to style and design desktops that carry out these capabilities faster and at a fraction of the electrical power that traditional programs eat.

Wanting to

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