Race Is Real, But It’s Not Genetic

A pal of mine with Central American, Southern European, and West African ancestry is lactose intolerant. Consuming milk products and solutions upsets her belly, and so she avoids them. About a ten years in the past, simply because of her very low dairy ingestion, she feared that she may possibly not be finding plenty of calcium, so she asked her health care provider for a bone density take a look at. He responded that she didn’t need one simply because “blacks do not get osteoporosis.”

My pal is not alone. The view that black people never need a bone density take a look at is a longstanding and widespread myth. A 2006 study in North Carolina located that out of 531 African American and Euro-American women of all ages screened for bone mineral density, only 15 percent were African American women—despite the truth that African American women of all ages

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