How quantum dots can ‘talk’ to each other — ScienceDaily

So-identified as quantum dots are a new course of elements with lots of applications. Quantum dots are realized by small semiconductor crystals with proportions in the nanometre assortment. The optical and electrical homes can be managed by means of the sizing of these crystals. As QLEDs, they are previously on the industry in the most up-to-date generations of Television flat screens, wherever they be certain specifically excellent and substantial-resolution color replica. On the other hand, quantum dots are not only utilized as “dyes,” they are also utilized in photo voltaic cells or as semiconductor equipment, correct up to computational building blocks, the qubits, of a quantum personal computer.

Now, a team led by Dr. Annika Bande at HZB has extended the comprehension of the interaction amongst a number of quantum dots with an atomistic look at in a theoretical publication.

Annika Bande heads the “Concept of Electron Dynamics and Spectroscopy”

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