Do computer users really need blue light-filtering glasses?

You can obtain them almost everywhere from the pharmacy to your optometrist’s place of work, but you may perhaps want to wait to acquire a pair.

Image: Shutterstock/fizkes

It can be two p.m., and you’ve been staring at your laptop monitor all day. We’ve all been there: Itchy eyes, blurry eyesight and all the other signs and symptoms of eye pressure are a thing most of us experience from, especially all those of us in the line of do the job top us to browse (or compose) at TechRepublic. 

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If you’ve searched for a answer to your pc eye pressure you’ve likely read about blue gentle and its reported contribution to your discomfort. You’ve likely also witnessed ads or item tips for glasses that claim to filter out the blue gentle emitted by pc screens, decreasing pitfalls of macular degeneration and decreasing discomfort — is

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