Elon Musk’s hardcore deadline is here and Twitter employees are resigning in droves

Elon Musk's hardcore deadline is here and Twitter employees are resigning in droves

Today marks the day that Twitter employees need to decide if they will sign on to be one of the “hardcore” people that remain at the company.

At 5:00 PM EST today, Twitter employees needed to let the company know if they would remain at the company and accept the grueling work culture that new owner Elon Musk is asking of them. According to reports, those who decided to leave the company would receive three weeks’ severance if they agreed to some terms that Twitter has not been able to actually tell them yet.

Well, the 5:00 PM EST deadline has officially passed, and, according to incoming reports, a ton of Twitter employees, or Tweeps, have decided to leave the company rather than to sign up to be, as Elon Musk described, “hardcore.”

According to Alex Heath at The Verge, employees are leaving in droves and those who are leaving are deemed critical to Twitter continuing to operate.

According to Zoe Schiffer, Musk and those remaining aren’t even sure who has left at this point and, in an act of straight-up paranoia, have locked Twitter’s headquarters down out of fear that outgoing employees could sabotage the company.

The departures have become so massive that, according to one report, almost 80% of one team at the company has resigned. Musk has already let go over half of the full-time employees and over 4000 contractors, so an exodus of this many employees could mean that Twitter, which totaled over 13,000 before Musk took over, could end up with less than 1000 employees in less than a month later.

The departures from today are starting to be described as a “mass exodus.” Some of those who are familiar with the departures are starting to worry that the site will start to break and, if it does, there won’t be enough people left at the company to save it.

Best way to find out what’s happening? Go refresh Twitter and see what happens!

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