Russia May Have Found a New Way to Censor the Internet

Russia has carried out a novel censorship system in an ongoing hard work to silence Twitter. Instead of blocking the social media web page outright, the region is applying beforehand unseen procedures to sluggish website traffic to a crawl and make the web page all but unusable for people inside the region.

Study released Tuesday claims that the throttling slows website traffic touring in between Twitter and Russia-based finish users to a paltry 128 kbps. Whereas earlier internet censorship procedures utilised by Russia and other nation-states have relied on simple blocking, slowing website traffic passing to and from a greatly utilised internet services is a relatively new technique that presents added benefits for the censoring party.

“Contrary to blocking, where by access to the information is blocked, throttling aims to degrade the quality of services, creating it almost extremely hard for users to distinguish imposed/intentional throttling from nuanced good reasons

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