Sergey Levine: Humans, Robots, and Machine Learning

What is the distinction in between state-of-the-art robots and ‘state-of-the-art’ people? Can we assess them in conditions of physical hardware, and in conditions of total capacity? How can we introduce a commonsense reasoning in robotics?

These are just some of the thoughts discussed in the latest interview offered by Lex Fridman, where he talks about the latest advances and developments in robotics and deep finding out with Sergey Levine, the planet-renowned professional of artificial intelligence, specializing in the place of deep finding out, reinforcement finding out, robotics, and computer system vision.

“Obviously, human bodies are subtle, and quite strong, and resilient in a lot of strategies, but on the complete, if we’re willing to shell out a minimal little bit of funds and do a little bit of engineering, we can kind of shut the hardware gap. Virtually. But the intelligence gap – that one particular is quite wide”, suggests

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