The AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990x is still the cheapest 64-core CPU by far

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X – $three,499.ninety nine at Micro Heart
(roughly £2,seven hundred/AU$4,900)

You can currently get the monstrous sixty four-main AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X at a $490 discount, with potential for a more $300 conserving if you order an qualified motherboard. Grab it though you can!Perspective Offer

AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper 3990X, the firm’s mighty sixty four-main (128-thread) processor, has received a further attractive price tag lower. It was a little bit less costly back again in May possibly, but we do not hope the price tag to slide as lower any time before long.

Amazon and Micro Heart have knocked about $490 off the CPU’s original $three,990 price tag tag, building for a conserving of about 10%.

Of course, it’ll even now set you back again approximately $three,five hundred (roughly £2,seven hundred/AU$4,900), which is definitely considerably from low cost, but it represents somewhat superior value for the power you are getting from this chunk of silicon.

That is assuming, of training course, you can make use of the significant multi-main efficiency on offer you with this sixty four-main beast. The ordinary purchaser is unlikely to require this amount of firepower, unless they’re into information development, 3D modelling or video enhancing.

There’s an included bonus with the 3990X offer at Micro Heart, far too, in that you can make a more $300 conserving if you order an qualified motherboard with your new CPU.

The 3990X is based mostly on AMD’s EPYC 7702P server processor (used in knowledge centers) and supports ECC memory as effectively as PCIe 4.. Its onboard cache (256MB) and TDP (280W) implies it involves highly effective cooling to get its sixty four cores buzzing.

Take note, though it can increase to up to 4.3GHz, its foundation clock speed is only two.9GHz. It can also guidance up to four DDR4 channels (in contrast to 8 for the EPYC 7702P).

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