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Starting an online business or publishing an online website, users tend to focus on Shared Hosting as their website hosting solution. However, as the business grows and the website traffic increases, the resources needed to run the site exceed the amount as offered by the Shared Hosting solution or any other shared server solutions. It is now that users are knocked down by the need to upgrade to a more powerful website hosting solution. While there are a couple of choices apart from Shared Hosting, a major emphasis is given on Dedicated Server.

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

Dedicated Server Hosting is one of the most powerful hosting types wherein the website owner owns the entire server space or the one allocated to the same is solely dedicated to him. Unlike Shared Hosting that uses a single server to host multiple accounts or the VPS Hosting that virtually segments a single server to host multiple accounts, Dedicated Server Hosting allocates the entire server to a single user.

This gives users the much-needed flexibility to control and monitor their website. Also, users can now have access to incredible speed and performance. However, when a solution gives you all that’s needed to run a website swiftly, it is bound to be a bit heftier in your pockets. Similar is the case with Dedicated Hosting. As compared to all other types of website hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting is expensive.

So, here comes the question. Who needs to invest in Dedicated Server Hosting?

Who Should Opt For Dedicated Hosting?

Where Shared Hosting is ideal for the bloggers or the small-sized organizations that do not have higher traffic or do not require many resources, VPS Hosting is for growing websites looking for personalized solutions on a flattened price.

On the contrary, Dedicated Server Hosting is ideal for:

  1. Large organizations/enterprises: For organizations that have thousands of visitors every day, the resources offered by Shared or even VPS Hosting may not be enough. It is important for them to invest in a solution that can map the requirements without compromising the speed and performance on the website. The unexpected traffic spikes might turn your website unanswerable when hosted on a less efficient hosting solution. Not to mention the fact that this leads to an increase in the bounce rate of the site, disrupting its online rankings. It’s best to opt for Dedicated Hosting and ward off the possibility of site crashes.
  2. Security First: For organizations that rank security as the topmost concern, Dedicated Hosting is the best fit. Ecommerce stores that transact on a daily basis have plenty of confidential information saved in the database. Even though the Shared and the VPS Hosting solutions offer SSL encryption, their shared servers may make them vulnerable to hacks and attacks. This, in turn, is fatal for the organization and might be the reason for cyberattacks. What’s best here is to spend some money and invest in expensive yet secured hosting solutions.
  3. Performance-Driven: For organizations where speed and performance are must, Dedicated Hosting is the only solution that maps the requirements best. Dedicated Hosting guarantees exceptionally high bandwidth, which, in turn, enhances the speed and the overall response rate of the website.

Final Word

Even though organizations start with Shared Hosting, it is wise to scale and upgrade their solutions with business growth. In case your website is grappling with adhering to the traffic count, it’s time you made an upgrade to Dedicated Hosting.