ORNL researchers identify most promising tech for advancing edge computing

We have a knowledge dilemma.

Humanity is now building extra knowledge than it can take care of extra sensors, smartphones, and gadgets of all styles are coming on the internet each working day and contributing to the at any time-increasing world-wide dataset.

In point, estimates for the volume of knowledge we will crank out this 12 months alone are hovering close to 40 zettabytes (or about 2.5 billion moments extra knowledge than is contained in the library of Congress). Evaluate that to the roughly one particular zettabyte produced in 2010 and it is not challenging to see that we are drowning in knowledge.

It is important facts to be sure, but it is only much too a lot for our existing computing and bandwidth abilities to method. And it is only likely to get worse with the World wide web of Issues and other huge networks these types of as

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