Scientists peer inside an asteroid — ScienceDaily

New findings from NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission propose that the interior of the asteroid Bennu could be weaker and fewer dense than its outer levels — like a crème-stuffed chocolate egg flying although room.

The success surface in a examine printed right now in the journal Science Advancements and led by the University of Colorado Boulder’s OSIRIS-REx group, which include professors Daniel Scheeres and Jay McMahon. The findings could give experts new insights into the evolution of the solar system’s asteroids — how bodies like Bennu renovate about tens of millions of years or more.

OSIRIS-REx rendezvoused with Bennu, an asteroid orbiting the sun more than 200 million miles from Earth, in late 2018. Since then, the spacecraft, created by Colorado-dependent Lockheed Martin, has studied the item in more element than any other asteroid in the history of room exploration.

So much, nevertheless, a single problem has remained elusive: What is

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