RPA use cases expanding in large enterprises

Tech groups at media giant ViacomCBS acquiring RPA bots to automate perform processes can experience panic about bots displacing human staff members.

“I would imagine tricky about how early or at what level tying the positive aspects of RPA to particular FTE [complete-time equivalent] cost savings or cuts, at what level in the method does that make perception,” claimed James Immordino, vice president of advert revenue, approach, operations and finance at ViacomCBS. “Look at undertaking it later on, mainly because if persons see RPA as ‘This is a reason to get absent my heads,’ some persons may possibly in the beginning be disincentivized.”

Immordino appeared June 23 on a panel of robotic approach automation veterans talking about RPA use circumstances and approach at the digital convention of United Kingdom-based mostly company RPA vendor Blue Prism. The company’s Blue Prism World convention ran Tuesday and Wednesday.

The livestreamed and recorded session

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