OnePlus 8 review: Even without wireless charging, I prefer this cheaper model

Of the two new flagship phones OnePlus just announced, the OnePlus 8 isn’t just more affordable than the OnePlus 8 Pro, it’s also the phone I prefer. At $699 (£599) for 128GB of storage and $799 (£699) for 256GB, it will be available beginning April 29. You can buy the OnePlus 8 in the US at T-Mobile and, for the first time ever, Verizon; and it will work on other carriers (OnePlus and Amazon will sell it unlocked, as well). Note that Verizon is selling it at a higher price of $799 (128GB).


  • Charges quickly
  • 90Hz display
  • Relatively more affordable high-end phone

Don’t Like

  • Macro zoom lens is unimpressive
  • No wireless charging

On specs alone, the OnePlus 8 Pro is objectively the better phone. It has more features, like a 120Hz display and a telephoto camera (you can see the list of other main differences below). But the cheaper

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