UV Light Wands Are Supposed to Kill Viruses. But Do They Really Work?

If you’ve struggled to discover house disinfectants and wipes not too long ago, you’ll understand the attract of UV wand disinfectants. These products assert to destroy 99.9 per cent of germs, germs and viruses, and they are light-weight and portable. Best for that weekend trip to the Airbnb.  

The merchandise descriptions are absolutely alluring — advertised to sanitize every little thing from mail to personal computer keyboards, moreover make-up brushes, sofas, bedding, toilets and pet places. They’re straightforward to discover on web sites like Amazon, Sharper Image and eBay. But when a personal UV-C light-weight wand may well audio nifty, issues with the wands may well outweigh any prospective benefits.

For starters, numerous of them are fakes. Other people are of this sort of very low electrical power that you’d have to keep the device in excess of an item (say, a mask) for 30 minutes to maybe get any

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