Navigating ‘information pollution’ with the help of artificial intelligence

Using insights from the subject of natural language processing, laptop or computer scientist Dan Roth and his research team are establishing an on-line platform that will help users discover appropriate and honest info about the novel coronavirus.

There is even now a good deal that is not acknowledged about the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19, the condition it results in. What sales opportunities some men and women to have mild indications and other people to conclusion up in the healthcare facility? Do masks help end the distribute? What are the financial and political implications of the pandemic?

As scientists try to tackle many of these concerns, many of which will not have a basic ‘yes or no’ respond to, men and women are also attempting to figure out how to maintain on their own and their family members protected. But in between the 24-hour news cycle, hundreds of preprint research

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