What is AI bias mitigation, and how can it improve AI fairness?

Algorithmic bias is just one of the AI industry’s most prolific places of scrutiny. Unintended systemic errors threat top to unfair or arbitrary outcomes, elevating the need for standardized moral and responsible technologies — specifically as the AI current market is expected to hit $110 billion by 2024. 

There are numerous means AI can turn into biased and build damaging outcomes.

1st is the business processes alone that the AI is being built to increase or switch. If those people processes, the context, and who it is applied to is biased in opposition to specified groups, irrespective of intent, then the resulting AI software will be biased as properly.

Next, the foundational assumptions the AI creators have about the plans of the method, who will use it, the values of those people impacted, or how it will be applied can insert damaging bias. Subsequent, the details set used to teach

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