New algorithm uses a hologram to control trapped ions — ScienceDaily

Researchers have learned the most specific way to manage specific ions employing holographic optical engineering technology.

The new technology uses the very first recognised holographic optical engineering system to manage trapped ion qubits. This technology promises to support produce additional specific controls of qubits that will assist the improvement of quantum market-certain components to further new quantum simulation experiments and potentially quantum mistake correction procedures for trapped ion qubits.

“Our algorithm calculates the hologram’s profile and eliminates any aberrations from the light, which allows us develop a highly specific system for programming ions,” says lead writer Chung-You Shih, a PhD scholar at the College of Waterloo’s Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC).

Kazi Rajibul Islam, a faculty member at IQC and in physics and astronomy at Waterloo is the lead investigator on this perform. His team has been trapping ions made use of in quantum simulation in the Laboratory for Quantum

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