Keweenaw Time Traveler Expands Immersive Experience

The acclaimed Keweenaw Time Traveler (KeTT) is finding a main up grade. On June 1,
the on the web interactive historic atlas will increase 600,000 information throughout 14 million
info variables, an exponential improve from its present 25,000.

In addition, KeTT will substantially improve consumer encounter. A freshly designed person
interface can make it simpler to lookup for info about earlier folks, destinations and

The KeTT is a a single-of-a-type case in point of deep mapping — a dwelling map connecting layers of archival, geological and geospatial
info across time and place.
Started in 2016 and introduced publicly a calendar year afterwards, KeTT is changing how we master about, share and investigate the history and heritage
of Michigan’s Copper State. ​The atlas has historic info from archival collections
from throughout the area — like the Michigan Technological College Archives,
the Keweenaw History Centre in Keweenaw Nationwide Historical Park,

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