MTU Students Shoot for the Moon and Win

Michigan Tech students took residence top honors — the Artemis Award — in NASA’s Breakthrough,
Progressive and Sport-shifting (Significant) Concept Challenge.

Pupils from Michigan Technological College want to glow a light on the darkest
places of the moon. Their style and design, a rover called Tethered completely shadowed Area
EXplorer (T-REX), deploys a light-weight, superconducting cable to hold other lunar
rovers powered and supply wi-fi communication as they run in the intense environments
of the moon’s frigid, lightless craters.

8 college groups competed in the Significant Concept Challenge for 2020, called the Lunar PSR Challenge. The objective? Demonstrating various technologies and
patterns to review and explore the moon’s completely shadowed regions (PSRs), which
NASA officials take note are a formidable problem for place exploration.

“Think about T-REX as a recharging station and comms tower in a compact, transportable bundle,”
explained Marcello Guadagno, Michigan Tech’s scholar direct on the undertaking. “The

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