You’ve Got a Friend in Me: Childhood Pals Achieve Michigan Tech Milestones Together

Friends since first grade, scholastic competitors, Summer Youth Programs campers,
fraternity brothers and 2022 Michigan Tech grads A.J. Alexa and Cody Slagle share
their journey from Pokémon cards to diplomas.

A.J. Alexa, left, and Cody Slagle are all smiles at Michigan Tech’s 2022 Spring Commencement.

Summer Youth Programs (SYP) and academic excellence brought the pair to Michigan Technological
University from their small Upper Peninsula communities near Iron Mountain, Michigan.
Alexa hails from Sagola; Slagle, from Felch. They met at North Dickinson County School.
“We became friends through A.J. giving me his extra Pokémon cards and we’ve been close
ever since,” said Slagle. “We lived together our first two years of college, joined
the same fraternity and now we’re moving to the same area. Can’t avoid this guy even
if I tried to!”

Alexa said it feels like fate never wants the pair to be farther than 30 miles from

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