What is OSGi? A different approach to Java modularity

OSGi facilitates developing and taking care of modular Java elements (named bundles) that can be deployed in a container. As a developer, you use the OSGi specification and applications to build a single or far more bundles. OSGi defines the lifecycle for these bundles. It also hosts them and supports their interactions in a container. You can think of an OSGi container as approximately analogous to a JVM, with supplemental powers. Also, think of bundles as Java apps with one of a kind skills. Bundles operate inside of the OSGi container as shopper and server elements.

The OSGi alliance

OSGi commenced in 1999, and in contrast to several other specs the standard is not managed by Oracle, the Java Community Procedure, or the Eclipse Foundation. Instead, it is managed by the OSGi alliance.

How OSGi is various

OSGi’s philosophy differs from that of other Java-dependent frameworks, most notably Spring.

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