Can Chanting OM Reduce Stress and Anxiety?

You may perhaps have heard the word “OM” through a yoga class. It is at times chanted 3
situations at the commencing or finish of a yoga or meditation exercise.

Nevertheless it may perhaps appear to be a tiny word, OM is stated to have roots that trace back again to the origin of the environment and can be uncovered in Hindu scriptures that date back again around 5,000 several years in the past. Molded around time as a fundamental symbol for yoga, experiments demonstrate that chanting OM can give wonderful health and fitness gains and minimize strain and stress and anxiety.

What is OM?

With its roots in Hinduism, OM is an historical mantra that sages feel to be the
sound of common development. The literal translation of OM is stated to be “anything and everybody,” signifying that OM represents the full environment and all of its seems.


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